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For over fifty years, Dundurn Press has been bringing the best of Canada to readers around the world. From award-winning fiction and non-fiction to practical and life-changing reads, Dundurn publishes books that connect with people from all walks of life.

The Dundurn Press Speakers’ Hub makes it easy for you to book Dundurn Press authors for in-person and virtual appearances, speaking engagements, corporate events, book clubs, or even private parties worldwide.

Whether you’re interested in lunch and learns and workshops with authors, educators, and industry leaders or one-of-a-kind author events and keynote speeches tailored to meet the needs of your workplace or book club, Speakers’ Hub can put the perfect, customized event at your fingertips.

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Scott Fraser

President and publisher of Dundurn Press, Kwame Scott Fraser has worked in publishing for nearly a decade. His skills as an acquiring editor, salesperson, and industry thought leader have earned him accolades from around the world. With a wealth of first-hand experience and an acquisitional track record that includes some of the most notable Canadian books of the last five years, Kwame’s talks will benefit audiences of writers and aspiring publishing professionals. Kwame is great with roundtable Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions, publishing-themed workshops, and keynote talks on publishing in general.


In Service to the Business

A decade in the Canadian military informed both Kwame’s sense of leadership and his business practices as the head of one of Canada’s most renowned independent publishers. In this ninety-minute workshop Kwame offers unique insights for applying some of the best strategies of the armed forces in a business setting.



Annahid Dashtgard is CEO of Anima Leadership, a racial justice consulting firm. Over the last two decades she has worked with hundreds of organizations and leaders to create more inclusive workplaces. Her book Bones of Belonging was praised for its ability to blend inspiring insights with humorous and moving stories. Praised as “essential reading for anyone wanting to invest in a more inclusive planet,” Bones of Belonging was a bestseller and one of Indigo’s most anticipated new releases of the year. Annahid and Bones of Belonging have been featured in Chatelaine, Ms. Magazine, the Walrus, and Toronto Life, as well as on the CBC and Open Book.


Belonging as a Practice: Building More Inclusive Environments

Creating environments where everyone matters and belongs doesn’t just happen magically; it’s the result of ongoing, everyday choices: the ways we make people feel welcome in our spaces, our awareness of and willingness to challenge individual and systemic barriers, the skills we cultivate to build meaningful relationships, and even they ways we teach our kids to navigate the world. Join author and inclusion leader Annahid Dashtgard for a sixty-minute workshop that defines what belonging is, what happens when it’s absent, and how to actively cultivate inclusive environments one intentional behaviour at a time.



Patricia Westerhof is an author, speaker, and instructor, whose writing credits include novels, short stories, a textbook, and writing curriculum. With an MA in education from the University of Toronto, Patricia is a sought-after writing coach, working with writers of all ages, from teens to seniors. Her book The Canadian Guide to Creative Writing & Publishing has been praised as the definitive guide for writers who want to be published in Canada.


Beginner's Guide to Getting Published in Canada

Where should you start if you want to get your writing published in Canada? How do you get published in literary magazines? Should you publish your work online? Are writing contests worth it? What scams should writers know about? Do you need a literary agent to get your book published? And what about self-publishing?  Join Patricia Westerhof, speaker, writing coach, and author of The Canadian Guide to Creative Writing & Publishing, for a unique workshop that will show you the pathways to publication and the pitfalls to look out for along the way. 



Mary Soderstom is the author of nearly twenty books and a respected member of the Montreal literary community. Her most recent book, Against the Seas: Saving Civilizations from Rising Waters, focuses on the dangerous rising water levels in five regions: Indonesia, Shanghai, the Sundarbans of Bangladesh, the Salish Sea, and the estuary of the St. Lawrence River. She is an excellent speaker on global warming, climate change, and the environment since the ice age.


The Big Melt Down: What Can We Do?

Within a few decades, sea levels around the world may well rise by a metre or more as glaciers and ice caps melt due to climate change. Large parts of our coastal cities will be flooded, torrential rains will increasingly present their own challenges, and the basic outline of our world will be changed. In this presentation Mary speaks of the history we have had coping with threatening waters ever since the end of the last Ice Age. From stories told by the Indigenous people in Australia and on the Pacific coast of North America to those found in the Bible and the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” as well as in Roman and Chinese histories, Mary brings the human responses to these challenges to life in her presentation. 



Farzana Doctor is a critically acclaimed writer, activist, and psychotherapist. Her novel Seven was a Trillium Award finalist and made the Best Books of the Year lists from the CBC, the Globe and Mail, Apple Books, NOW Magazine, and Indigo. Farzana offers compelling insights in her public appearances on a host of important topics, from women’s rights and feminist resistance to non-monogamy, resorts, chosen family, hot-car deaths, and queer community. She also offers writers’ workshops on working with the inner critic and writers’ block.



Terence H.

Former member of Parliament Terence Young’s teenaged daughter, Vanessa, died after taking a prescription drug. The incident motivated Terence to become a consumer advocate, and since then, he has been fighting for a more stringent and protective drug-monitoring system in Canada. He founded Drug Safety Canada to advocate for safe prescription drugs. Terence’s book Forbidden Knowledge has been praised for exposing some of the pharmaceutical industry’s secrets and cultural myths that thwart our safe use of prescription drugs.




Mitchell Consky is a journalist with works published in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Walrus, and BNN Bloomberg. He specializes in long-form feature writing and essays about loss, travel, and adventure. His book Home Safe: A Memoir of End-of-Life Care During COVID 19 has been described as Canada’s own version of Mitch Albom’s famed Tuesdays with Morrie. Mitchell is available for presentations and seminars on a variety of topics including family, end-of-life care, grief, and loss.



Robert D.

Robert Banks graduated from Royal Military College (RMC) and went on to become a military pilot, flight surgeon, NASA consultant, and author of several scientific papers. His published articles cover topics including the histories of air force and naval squadrons, the Second World War, and the historic buildings of RMC. His book Warriors and Warships offers a long overdue look at a much-neglected part of Canada’s military history: the warships built at Point Frederick, near Kingston, Ontario, from the late eighteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century, and the people who built them. Splitting his time between Ontario and Texas, Robert is a tremendous speaker and presenter on a wide variety of topics including Canadian history, nautical history, and military history.