Acquisitions Team - Dundurn

Acquisitions Team

The Acquisitions Team

Meghan Macdonald Chief Publishing Officer

Meghan acquires non-fiction in the areas of history, sports, current events, and public policy. She is looking for proposals and manuscripts that balance readability, narrative drive, and intellectualism.

Kathryn Lane Editorial Director

Kathryn acquires non-fiction across a broad range of subjects indicative of the Dundurn list, including local interest, history, business, and politics. She is particularly interested in city and community development, history and heritage (across the GTHA and beyond), personal finance, and true crime. Kathryn prefers works that bring new perspectives to their subject, whether through the author's profile, political stance, or narrative approach. She has a strong background in travel publishing and is open to subjects not mentioned here.  

Russell Smith Acquisitions Editor

Russell acquires literary fiction for the Rare Machines imprint, and journalistic (i.e., researched) non-fiction on any subject for Dundurn Press.

Kwame Scott Fraser Editor at Large

Kwame primarily acquires non-fiction in the areas of history, biography, politics, current affairs, true crime, and sports as well as literary and genre fiction by Black and/or Caribbean diaspora writers.