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Tim Ferriss, one of my favourite authors and podcast hosts, has been known to joke that the only people who should write books are those who feel they only have two options: type or explode.

I am not sure if I completely agree with him — I think I might enjoy the writing process slightly more than he does — but I am familiar with that “must express … going to explode” feeling.

A great deal has happened since the 2014 publication of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction.

Initially, I wrote the book to draw public attention to the issue of food addiction. The press was already talking about the addictive nature of sugar:  Remember the study of the rats that preferred Oreo-chow over cocaine? The pictures of people eating Nutella by the bottle and the medical statistics documenting how soda pop brought on diabetes?

We often think of the new year as a fresh start – the ideal time to take a close look at your investments and financial situation. When it comes to investments, many pore over their portfolio – likely flat after crummy returns for almost everyone in 2018 – and ask the key question: “How can I do better this year?”

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