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Purple Palette for Murder is the eighth book in the Meg Harris Mystery series, which began with the publication of the first mystery, Death’s Golden Whisper. When I started out on this journey with Meg, I had no idea where she would take me. I wasn’t even certain if it was going to be a series. But by the time I finished writing Death’s Golden Whisper, I knew I wanted to continue with Meg and see where life led her.

Could it be mere coincidence that the same year Dundurn is celebrating its 45th anniversary is also the year Daniel Rotsztain's A Colourful History of Toronto is being published? Perhaps not!

So when we had the idea for a piece of art depicting the building that's housed Dundurn Press for the last decade, there was only one artist we had in mind. The one who just made an entire book on historic sites in Toronto.

The scene: Banff National Park. It was grey and cold and early November. With a light snowfall hinting at the coming winter, we followed an unkindness of ravens to the bull elk lying only metres from the Trans-Canada Highway. It was on its side, horribly mutilated, and it was clearly dead from something other than natural causes. When my warden partner and I found the bullet hole in the elk’s shoulder, we were silent.