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We no longer have any veterans of the First World War still with us, and so we have lost that direct connection with their stories – of the tragedy of war; of the reasons why they enlisted to fight; of the impact of the war on them, their families, and their country. And so it is up to us, a century later, to remember and to learn their stories.

On this hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War, let us not forget the many artists who served our country. With photography and cinematography in its infancy, artists covered the battlefront creating maps, diagrams, and sketches used to plan strategy. Moreover, their recruitment posters, military portraits, and depictions of battle fields and human suffering were used to publicize Canada’s significant contribution.

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    RT @macleans: Vimy Foundation’s 'They Fought in Colour' collects 260 digitally colourized photographs showcasing Canada’s contribution to t…
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    Today we honour the memory of the brave men and women who served and sacrificed for our country, and those who continue to serve. Thank you.
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    RT @CanadianCycling: This Remembrance Day, listen to our latest podcast where we look at Canadian combat cyclists from the First World War…
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