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Haroon Siddique

Award winning Toronto Star editor Haroon Siddiqui, brown and Muslim, has spent over four decades on the media front lines, covering conflicts both global and local.

“A distinctive and insightful perspective on being Muslim in the post-9/11 world.”


- Charles Taylor

My Name Is Not Harry Book

Siddiqui’s journey took him from a divided India to a welcoming Canada — until the cataclysm of 9/11 hardened attitudes to Muslims around the world. His personal story weaves through growing Islamophobia in both India and North America.

Canada has no official culture. It follows that there's no standard way of being Canadian, beyond obeying the law. In My Name is Not Harrry, Haroon Siddiqui shows how Canada let him succeed on his own terms.

Coming from India in 1967, he refused to forget his past. He didn't change his name, didn't dilute his dignity, didn't compromise his conscience or his dissident views. He championed immigration and multiculturalism when that was not popular. He upbraided media colleagues for being white-centric, Orientalist. Haroon pioneered cross-cultural journalism, bridging divided communities. Haroon also insisted it was un-Canadian to use free speech as a licence for hate speech while staunchly opposing the limitless American war on terror.

In this far reaching memoir, Haroon Siddiqui shares remarkable journalistic forays into the corridors of power, war zones, and cultural minefields. He also takes the reader along his personal journey from British colonial India to the evolution of Canada as the only Western nation where skin colour is no longer a fault line.

Siddiqui's experiences in the corridors of power in newsrooms and warzones are threaded with insights about historic changes in the last seventy years in India and Canada. His native and adopted lands serve as metaphors for what can go wrong and what can be made right.


“Wow, just wow. An absolutely incredible book… This is an account of a life of conviction and courage, and a passionate determination to leverage the power and responsibility of journalism to push us to see our faults and encourage us to build a better world. We are a richer nation for his nsights and his words. ” 

- Alex Neves, former secretary general of Amnesty International Canada and adjunct professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

“Haroon Siddiqui is a uniquely Canadian talent. His memoir is as wide-ranging and cross-cultural as his journalism has been — at once local, national, international. He’s at home indifferent milieus, and he bridges disparate worlds and finds common ground. He personifies the new confident Canada.”

- Sir Christopher Ondaatje

“Haroon Siddiqui is among our keenest observers of world politics, not only because of his critical acumen and searing honesty but because he is a global thinker with a cosmopolitan vision. 

- Juan Cole, Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate professor of history, and director, Arab and Muslim American studies, University of Michigan

About The Author:

Haroon Siddiqui is editorial page editor emeritus of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest paper, and a senior fellow at Massey College. A member of the Order of Canada, he has covered or supervised coverage of Canada for fifty years through ten prime ministers, and also reported from fifty nations, including his native India. He lives in Toronto.