Sleep and You - Dundurn

Sleep and You

Sleep Better, Live Better

Published November 2014


An easy and readable guide to the latest scientific information on how and why to sleep better and improve your wellbeing.

Why do we need to sleep? For those of who pass nights staring at the ceiling, the question is beside the point. In fact, we are all sleeping less, and worse, than ever. Despite this, we know that losing sleep or sleeping fitfully has consequences for our health and well being. What can we do when sleep just won’t come?

In nine fascinating chapters, Dr. Diane B. Boivin lays out exactly why sleeping well is essential to good health. She explains, in a clear and accessible way, the phenomena associated with sleep: our individual sleep needs; circadian rhythms and problems linked to our biological clocks; the links between insomnia, stress, and obesity; why those suffering from anxiety or depression can have trouble sleeping; snoring; sleep apnea; night terrors; and dreams, among others. Special attention is given to sleep disturbances affecting night workers and new mothers.

An abundantly illustrated, practical guide for everyone trying to reclaim their sleep.



Diane B. Boivin

Dr. Diane B. Boivin is a researcher of problems related to sleep and circadian rhythms, Associate Editor of the journal Sleep, and winner of the Gold Medal of the Governor General of Canada for her research. She lives in Montreal.

Ève Van Cauter

Barbara Sandilands

Barbara Sandilands is a translator, editor, and writing instructor. She is a graduate of Laval University in Quebec City and holds graduate degrees in Canadian Studies and Translation. Barbara was a foreign service officer for thirteen years, with postings in Brussels, Lisbon, and London. She has translated fifteen books from French to English, in subjects ranging from history, art, and politics to architecture, biography, and medicine. She lives in Ottawa.

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November 2014
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November 2014
176 pp
November 2014
176 pp