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Cardiovascular Health

Living Your Best with a Healthy Heart

Published February 2018


A complete guide to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Being diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease seems unlikely to many, yet cardiovascular diseases are actually the leading cause of mortality worldwide. The good news is that by modifying our lifestyle habits, it’s possible to increase both our number of healthy years and our lifespan. While modern medicine has an impressive arsenal of drugs, imaging techniques, and intervention procedures and can usually save patients in the acute phase of a heart attack, heart specialists recommend that we adopt a proactive attitude with respect to disease prevention.

In a simple, easy-to-read style, Dr. Martin Juneau examines specific case studies from his own extensive clinical practice to explain new issues in heart health. From the incredible importance of exercise and diet to the unsuspected role ofstress and air pollution, Cardiovascular Health explains how the heart functions, describes coronary bypasses and other rescue procedures, explores promising new research, and teaches you about the risks and preventative steps you can take to maintain a happy, healthy heart.


Dr. Martin Juneau

Dr. Martin Juneau is a cardiologist who has worked for over thirty years in clinical practice, teaching, and research. He is the director of the prevention division at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), and the director of the cardiac rehabilitation and prevention centre of the MHI (EPIC Centre). He is a clinical professor of medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal. He lives in Longueuil, Quebec.

Barbara Sandilands

Barbara Sandilands is a translator, editor, and writing instructor. She is a graduate of Laval University in Quebec City and holds graduate degrees in Canadian Studies and Translation. Barbara was a foreign service officer for thirteen years, with postings in Brussels, Lisbon, and London. She has translated fifteen books from French to English, in subjects ranging from history, art, and politics to architecture, biography, and medicine. She lives in Ottawa.

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February 2018
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February 2018
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