Permissions - Dundurn


In order to request permission to reprint copyrighted material or inquire about subsidiary or translation rights, you will need to write a letter of inquiry.

Your letter must include:

  • Title and ISBN of the book
  • Full name of the author of the book
  • Imprint under which the book was published (listed on the spine or copyright page of the book)
  • Specific material in the book that you would like to use, including page numbers
  • The way in which you would like to use the material. Please be as specific as possible.
  • Your contact information: name, address, phone number, and email address.

In addition to the title and excerpt details of the work you would like to reprint, please provide:

  • Your planned publication date
  • The print run of the paper edition and/or the alternate formats you require
  • The language and distribution territory for your book.
  • The retail price of your publication.
  • If you are asking for Internet publication rights, give the web address of the site where the excerpt or work will be published, and if it will be password protected or not.
We are currently only accepting permissions requests by email. Please send your message to

We require permission fees to be paid within 60 days of our issuing you a license.

International and Subsidiary Rights

Dundurn regularly attends trade conferences and book fairs including the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs.  For specific rights inquiries, please contact Eva Svec: