Born in a House of Glass - Dundurn

Born in a House of Glass

Published July 2024


As Udonwa grows, her hidden family history changes her forever.

Let me tell you a story. It’s about a war. This war is not the type fought with guns and machetes. It is a family type. A silent war. The type fought in the heart. It began long before I was formed.

Udonwa’s family is at war — a war of relationships, played out under the tyranny of a monster dad. Age twelve, Udonwa has a peculiar love for her father, Reverend Leonard Ilechukwu, who favours her but beats his wife and his other children. She sees his good side: after all, he pays the school fees, and tells her that she, named “the peaceful child,” is the one most likely to become a doctor.

When her newly married eldest sister suddenly takes her from their family compound in Iruama, Nigeria, to live with her in Awka, Udonwa experiences violence first-hand. Later, pieces of a sinister picture emerge that shake her life to the core.

No longer the person she thought she was, Udonwa launches into a period of extreme change, and parts of her life spiral into chaos as she finds herself torn between her love for her father and an underlying need to free herself. This vivid family saga is engrossing, deeply unsettling, and finally uplifting.



Chinenye Emezie

Chinenye Emezie's short stories and essays have appeared in Africa Book Club, Kalahari Review, Book Lovers Hangout, and Opinion Nigeria. She is the 2013 winner of the Africa Book Club Short Story Competition. Born in a House of Glass is her first novel. Born in Nigeria, she currently resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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July 2024
5.5x8.5 in
376 pp
July 2024
400 pp
July 2024
400 pp