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Dancing With Robots

The 29 Strategies for Success In the Age of AI and Automation

Published February 2022


Survive and thrive in a world being taken over by robots and other advanced technology.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, blockchains, the Internet of Things, big data analytics, 5G networks, self-driving cars, robotics, 3D printing. In the coming years, these technologies, and others to follow, will have a profound and dramatically disruptive impact on how we work and live. Whether we like it or not, we need to develop a good working relationship with these technologies. We need to know how to “dance” with robots.

In Dancing with Robots, futurist, entrepreneur, and innovation coach Bill Bishop describes 29 strategies for success in the New Economy. These new strategies represent a bold, exciting, unexpected, and radically different road map for future success.

Bishop also explains how our Five Human Superpowers — embodied pattern recognition, unbridled curiosity, purpose-driven ideation, ethical framing, and metaphoric communication — give us a competitive edge over robots and other advanced technology in a world being taken over by automation and AI.



Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop is a futurist, entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. He is the CEO of The BIG Idea Company, an innovation coaching company based in Toronto and also founder of The New Economy Network, a global network of business people who are passionate about the New Economy.

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February 2022
6x9 in
232 pp
February 2022
232 pp
February 2022
232 pp