Mountain Runaways - Dundurn

Mountain Runaways

Available Jan 25th 2022

$ 14.99


Will their wilderness skills be enough to survive the dangerous Rocky Mountains?

First a Canadian Rockies avalanche kills their parents. Then Children’s Services threatens to separate them. That’s when the three Gunnarsson kids decide to run away into the mountains and fend for themselves until the oldest turns eighteen and becomes their legal guardian. Not many would dare. But Jon, Korka, and Aron’s parents ran a survival school.

Turns out their plan is full of holes. When food and equipment go missing and illness and injury strike, things get scary. They’re even less prepared for encounters with dangerous animals and a sketchy woods dweller on their journey. On top of that, grief, cold, hunger, and sibling infighting threaten to tear them apart, and the search parties are closing in on them. Do the feisty three really have what it takes to survive?



Pam Withers

Pam Withers is an award-winning author of over twenty young adult novels, including Red Maple nominees Tracker’s Canyon and Stowaway, and two non-fiction books. She lives in Vancouver.

Book Details

January 2022
5x8 in
280 pp