The Vicar Vortex - Dundurn

The Vicar Vortex

Published February 2024


Tony Vicar is wrestling against the ordinary patterns his life has fallen into, until dark secrets and a dangerous woman from the past threaten to upend it all.

After the devastating fire that nearly destroyed his hotel and pub, Tony Vicar has rebuilt both Hotel Valentine and The Vicar’s Knickers once again. But the glamour of being a barman has lost some of its lustre and the responsibility is incessant. Even a couple of famous television mediums determined to uncover the truth about the hotel’s mysterious ghost can’t seem to stir Vicar from the unwelcome state of “normality” his life has settled into.

But life in Tyee Lagoon has a way of veering away from normal, as proven when femme fatale Serena, unexpectedly freed of criminal charges, returns to town to steal back baby Frankie — who she abandoned on Vicar’s doorstep two years before — and hopefully ensnare Tony in the process. Serena hits a new high in outrageous and dangerous behaviour, allowing no one, especially not Tony’s girlfriend Jacquie O, to get in her way.

On the defensive, Vicar tries to protect his little family, while simultaneously attempting to stop the endless circles of his life and learn lessons about authenticity, caring, and the surprising power of his effect on others … including his mother-in-law.



Vince R. Ditrich

Vince R. Ditrich is the author of The Liquor Vicar as well as the drummer and manager of the band Spirit of the West. He has circled the world, earned more than a dozen gold and platinum albums, and been enshrined in several Halls of Fame. Vince lives on Vancouver Island.

Book Details

February 2024
5x8 in
304 pp
February 2024
304 pp
February 2024
304 pp