Lake Nipigon - Dundurn

Lake Nipigon

Where the Great Lakes Begin

Published January 2015


2017 Gertrude H. Dyke Award — Nominated

The history of Lake Nipigon, where the Great Lakes begin.

The name Nipigon is evocative of storied brook trout, cold clear waters, elusive woodland caribou, sweeping vistas, and spectacular scenery. Situated in the heart of Northwestern Ontario, almost every map of North America shows Lake Nipigon as a significant geographic feature, yet few people know its story. As the primary watershed that flows into Lake Superior, Nipigon is the headwaters of the Great Lakes.

This, the first inclusive historical account of Lake Nipigon, provides a fascinating overview of its extensive natural history, including information on species at risk, and interprets the story of human incursion into the area, from its aboriginal prehistory to the colourful fur trade, the harvesting of resources, the coming of the railway, recreational fishing, eventual settlement, and the communities that remain today.



Nancy Scott

Nancy Scott is a park planner with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources, and has worked throughout Northern Ontario for more than thirty years. She has a strong interest in canoeing, sea kayaking, and the natural environment, and a particular passion for wilderness preservation. She lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

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January 2015
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January 2015
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January 2015
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