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Holly Martin Mysteries 3-Book Bundle

And on the Surface Die / She Felt No Pain / Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens

Published May 2013

$ 19.99


In one volume for the first time, this bundle presents the first three novels of the Holly Martin Mystery series by Lou Allin. At her first RCMP post in tiny Fossil Bay on the wild south coast of Vancouver Island, Holly falls in love with island life. But she soon learns that the isolated area also attracts the darker sides of human nature.

"A must-read book that will be hard to put down this season." - Monday Magazine

Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens - Holly Martin Mystery #3 (NEW!)

A series of savage attacks on lone women rocks the island, and Holly thinks the case is ready to break – one way or another.

She Felt No Pain - Holly Martin Mystery #2

After a troubling autopsy, Holly suspects there’s more to the case than the tox-screen suggests. A drought strikes, and one match could ignite the area.

And on the Surface Die - Holly Martin Mystery #1

Holly’s first day on the job starts with a distress call that isn’t what it seems.


Lou Allin

Lou Allin is the author of two series, the Holly Martin Mysteries and the Belle Palmer Mysteries. After teaching for many years at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, she now lives near Sooke on Vancouver Island.

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May 2013
844 pp