International Friendship Day - Dundurn
Jul 30, 2021

International Friendship Day

Since today is International Day of Friendship, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite bookish friendships in YA!

1. Street Shadows by Claire Gilchrist

Pica and Scruff, two young coyotes, are both born in the heart of a large city. They come from different worlds — Pica with a loving family and Scruff orphaned at birth, then adopted — but that doesn’t stop them from becoming the best of friends. That is, until secrets of Pica’s family past threaten their trust in each other. For anybody who’s ever had to deal with the challenges of friendship, you’ll find familiarity in these coyotes’ journey. 

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2. Nothing But Life by Brent van Staalduinen

It’s not always easy being the new kid, but Dills and Mia become fast friends. Dills’s fresh start isn’t what he expected it to be when his past trauma comes back to haunt him and he gets in trouble for hurting one of his new classmates. But, like the steadfast and loyal friends that we love to see most, Mia is right there with him as he struggles to come to terms with his beloved stepfather being the shooter who came into his previous school’s library. 

3. The Lost Scroll of the Physician by Alisha Sevigny

If you’re looking for the ultimate #friendshipgoals, then Sesha, Paser, and Reb are part of the group you want to be in! While their early beginnings may have been rocky as they struggle to figure out who to trust, their adventures in Ancient Egypt are jam-packed full of excitement and make their bond even stronger.

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4. The Life and Deaths of Frankie D. by Colleen Nelson

Being different is always tough in high school, but sometimes kindness can go a long way. Frankie and Jessica are the perfect example of this! Coming from different social circles plants seeds of doubt initially, but with acts of understanding and care, their friendship reminds us of all the people that stood up for us in times of need and, in Frankie’s case, helped unlock the secrets of her past. 

5. The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass by Adan Jerreat-Poole

In a world where witches, humans, and assassins must fight to protect their own, a close-knit group of friends is the glue that holds everything — and everyone — together. Enter Tav and Eli, whose friendship is always complicated (is that some romantic tension we see?), forever loyal, and definitely world-saving. 

Don’t forget to read the stunning finale of this duology,  The Boi of Feather and Steel

6. Stowaway by Pam Withers

When Owen stumbles onto what he thinks is a fun time on a yacht (but is actually a people-smuggling operation), he strikes a friendship with the first mate, Arturo. Against all odds, Owen and Arturo’s friendship prevails, redefining what friendship looks like and how, regardless of the conditions through which somebody is raised, anybody can be a hero. 

7. The Book of Sam by Rob Shapiro

Who’d want to ruin the friendship, right? Well, Sam had a great plan to confess his love to his best friend, Harper … until his plans go horribly wrong and end up landing her a ticket to Hell. With demons, vicious beasts, and a falling city in between him and his bestie, you can’t help but admit that Sam’s love for Harper (be it platonic or otherwise) proves the lengths we’re willing to go to for the people we care about most. 


Sisters of the Wolf by Patricia Miller-Schroeder

Meet Keena, born to a powerful band of Neanderthals, and Shinoni, the daughter of a Cro-Magnon shaman. Growing up in a world where the climate is changing, game is disappearing, and their two peoples of the Ice Age compete for survival in a savage world, these two young girls are torn from their families by a ruthless hunter. Though their dislike of each other is obvious, their need for survival unites them toward the same cause: escape. Can their growing friendship overcome cultural, racial, and even species differences? Will they ever be able to get back to their families? Only the spirits know.

Coming out on August 24th, this book is filled with pre-historic adventure and a powerful friendship. Pre-order at Indigo, Amazon, or your favourite bookstore today.