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Balderdash Reading Series featuring Silmy Abdullah

Since January 2017, the Balderdash Reading Series has showcased talented, emerging voices from across Canada. Balderdash's first in-person event since the beginning of the pandemic features Home of the Floating Lily author Silmy Abdullah as well as authors Sanna Wani, Jess Taylor, Jamaluddin Aram, and Sadi Muktadir.

Held at Another Story Bookshop, this will be a MASKED event, and will be live streamed on Another Story Bookshop's FB page

Home of the Floating Lily by Silmy Abdullah

Caught between cultures, immigrant families from a Bengali neighbourhood in Toronto strive to navigate their home, relationships, and happiness.

Set in both Canada and Bangladesh, the eight stories in Home of the Floating Lily follow the lives of everyday people as they navigate the complexities of migration, displacement, love, friendship, and familial conflict. A young woman moves to Toronto after getting married but soon discovers her husband is not who she believes him to be. A mother reconciles her heartbreak when her sons defy her expectations and choose their own paths in life. A lonely international student returns to Bangladesh and forms an unexpected bond with her domestic helper. A working-class woman, caught between her love for Bangladesh and her determination to raise her daughter in Canada, makes a life-altering decision after a dark secret from the past is revealed.

In each of the stories, characters embark on difficult journeys in search of love, dignity, and a sense of belonging.