2021 Heritage Toronto Awards Ceremony - Dundurn

2021 Heritage Toronto Awards Ceremony

Join us for the Heritage Toronto Awards Ceremony, where they will be announcing the winner of the Book Award, of which four Dundurn Press books have been nominated: Michael Snow, Toronto Reborn, The Flyer Vault, and Outrageous Misfits.

About the books: 

Michael Snow by James King
Michael Snow is rightly recognized as the greatest living Canadian artist and one of the most significant figures in Canadian art history. In a productive, lengthy career, he has, in a wide variety of genres, asked (and often answered) some of the most vexing and important issues in the history of art. Michael Snow: Lives and Works is a personal and intimate portrait of an artist who has helped shaped the face of Canadian art in our time.

Toronto Reborn by Ken Greenberg
An incisive view of Toronto’s development over the last fifty years, Toronto Reborn covers a decisive period in the city’s evolution, capturing how Toronto truly becomes a new version of itself.

The Flyer Vault by Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman
The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History captures over 150 years of Toronto concert history through a visually stunning collection of flyers, posters, and advertisements.

Outrageous Misfits by Brian Bradley
Superstar female impersonator Craig Russell and Lori Russell Eadie, his wife, were unusual misfits who thrived on stage and screen through waves of change in Canada. They were talented and successful, yet they struggled with mental illness, abuse, and trauma. Through nearly one hundred interviews and extensive research, Outrageous Misfits reveals the life and legacy of one of the world's most popular female impersonators and his biggest fan.