The Story of the Three Buddhist Monks - Dundurn

The Story of the Three Buddhist Monks

Based on a Traditional Chinese Folk Tale

Published January 1996


A story of three Buddhist monks based on a traditional Chinese folk tale about cooperation.

Without cooperation, one monk can fetch two buckets of water, two monks will only be able to fetch one bucket of water, and three monks will fetch no water at all.


Jing Jing Ding

Jing Jing Ding is a Chinese-Canadian living in London, Ontario. She came to Canada in 1989 and received her Masters in Education from the University of Western Ontario two years later. She is currently a supply teacher for both the London and the Middlesex County Boards of Education.

Nelson Daboud

Nelson Daboud is a twenty-year-old student of the visual arts in his home town of London, Ontario. He is a reluctant rider of public transportation by day, champion and defender of piglets around the world ... and Middlesex County ... by night!

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January 1996
24 pp
January 1996
24 pp
January 1996
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24 pp