Muskoka Resorts - Dundurn

Muskoka Resorts

Then and Now

Published April 2011

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Since the 1880s, people have travelled to Muskoka in search of solace and relaxation, enjoying the comfortable confines and warm hospitality of resorts while at the same time reveling in the tranquil wilderness and refreshing lakes. Things haven’t really changed all that much over the past century. Vacationers might access Muskoka faster today, and upon arrival find the available luxuries much more impressive, but the allure remains the same as when the tourism industry first exploded on the Muskoka scene. This northern playground grew in popularity during the 20th century. Hollywood stars, business tycoons, and celebrities from all walks of life soaked up everything the area offered. This storied past of carefree summers and timeless hospitality is the focus of Muskoka Resorts. Twenty classic resorts are explored, some of which are thriving today, such as Windermere House and Deerhurst, while others such as Limberlost and Bigwin Inn are long gone, though fondly remembered.



Andrew Hind

Andrew Hind is an author and a local history columnist. He has written on history and travel for a number of regional and international publications. He lives in Bradford, Ontario.

Maria Da Silva

Maria Da Silva is a successful businesswoman and author with a passion for the afterlife. She lives in Bradford, Ontario.

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April 2011
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