War Brides - Dundurn

War Brides

The Stories of the Women Who Left Everything Behind to Follow the Men They Loved

Published May 2009


For thousands of young British girls, the influx of Canadian soldiers conscripted to Britain during the Second World War meant throngs of handsome young men. The result was over 48,000 marriages to Canadian soldiers alone, and a mass emigration of British women to North America and around the world in the 1940’s.

For many brides, the decision to leave their family and home to move to a country thousands of miles away with a man they hardly knew brought forth ensuing happiness. For others, the outcome was much different, and the darker side of the story reveals the infidelity, domestic violence, poverty, alcoholism and divorce that many lived through.

War Brides draws on original archival documents, personal correspondence, and key first hand accounts to tell the amazing story of the War Brides in their own words-and shows the love, passion, tragedy and spirit of adventure of thousand of British women.


Melynda Jarratt

Melynda Jarratt lives in Fredericton. She has been involved with Project Roots since 1995. She has also been a writer, researcher, filmmaker, and web developer on Canada's History Television and the Queen Mary II.

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May 2009
6x9 in
288 pp
May 2009
288 pp