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Ontario's African-Canadian Heritage

Collected Writings by Fred Landon, 1918-1967

Published January 2009


Ontario’s African-Canadian Heritage is composed of the collected works of Professor Fred Landon, who for more than 60 years wrote about African-Canadian history. The selected articles have, for the most part, never been surpassed by more recent research and offer a wealth of data on slavery, abolition, the Underground Railroad, and more, providing unique insights into the abundance of African-Canadian heritage in Ontario. Though much of Landons research was published in the Ontario Historical Societys journal, Ontario History, some of the articles reproduced here appeared in such prestigious U.S. publications as the Journal of Negro History.

This volume, illustrated and extensively annotated, includes research by the editors into the life of Fred Landon. It is the Legacy Project for the Bicentennial of the Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade, an initiative of the OHS, funded by a "Roots of Freedom" grant received from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.


Karolyn Smardz Frost

Karolyn Smardz Frost is an archaeologist, historian, and award-winning author. She and her team at the Toronto Board of Education’s Archaeological Resource Centre uncovered the first Underground Railroad site in Canada.

Bryan Walls

Bryan Walls is a dental surgeon, historian, and author. Bryan has received the Order of Canada (C.M.) 2003; and the Order of Canada (O.Ont.) 1994, among other honours. Bryan is a committee member of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Recruiting Unit; board member of the National Alliance of Faith and Justice out of Washington D.C.; deacon of the historic First Baptist Church, Puce, Ontario; and a past president of the Ontario Historical Society, founded in 1888.

Hilary Bates Neary

Hilary Bates Neary has been a librarian trustee, as well as a researcher, editor, and writer of Ontario history. In the 1970s, she contributed to Ontario History's "Book Notes," and edited, along with Robert Sherman, the Index to the Publications of the Ontario Historical Society, 1899-1972. More recently, she co-edited with Michael Baker London Street Names (2003) and 100 Fascinating Londoners (2005).

Frederick H. Armstrong

Frederick H. Armstrong, a graduate of the University of Toronto, is a Professor of History at the University of Western Ontario, and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is the author or editor of numerous books and studies on Upper Canada including a new edition of Henry Scaddings Toronto of Old; Aspects of Nineteenth Century Ontario; and Toronto: The Place of Meeting.

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January 2009
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January 2009
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January 2009
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