A Social Geography of Canada - Dundurn

A Social Geography of Canada

Published January 1991

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This collection of essays is published as a tribute to the eminent Canadian scholar, J. Wreford Watson. The studies focus on subjects which formed the basis of his life’s work – the changing character of Canadian landscape and society, and the urbanization of that society, including aspects of its historical evolution, its present spacial forms and current social issues.

This is a book about people and places. It is broadly concerned with "who lives where?" and has several contributions which are drawn from a human ecology tradition and concern for hard data. At the same time, recognition is given to the fact that behind the maps of social distributions lie the lives of everyday people and the unseen forces shaping those lives.

In addition, the diversity of Canadian society is recognized in essays dealing with the development of distinctive ethnic areas in the major cities, rural depopulation and the increasing impress of government policies and planning measures.


Guy M. Robinson

Guy M. Robinson is senior lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh. He has degrees from London and Oxford universities and has held visiting positions at the universities of Regina, Canterbury, Melbourne, and Queensland. He is author of Agricultural Change: Geographical Essays on British Agriculture and Conflict and Change in the Countryside.

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January 1991
506 pp
January 1991
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