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Your Body Is a Revolution

Healing Our Relationships with Our Bodies, Each Other, and the Earth

Published June 2023


It’s time to fully inhabit our lives, to reclaim what has been stolen from us, and to embrace the wisdom our bodies long to share.

Too many of us are living disconnected from our bodies, chasing a constantly moving target of ideal, and accepting the societal narrative about which bodies are deserving of safety and protection. In an effort to keep ourselves safe, we shame, push aside, and assimilate parts of ourselves that don't align with the cultural norm. In turn, we are disconnected from our bodies and therefore from our humanity, losing sight of the true nature of who we are.

Embodiment coach Tara Teng helps us untangle ourselves from centuries of body-based oppression built into our societal systems or masquerading as religion. When we embrace our relationship with our bodies, we come into alignment with all things: ourselves, each other, the earth, and our spirituality. When we embrace ourselves, we can take back what society says is too much — too loud, too feminine, too masculine, too gay, too worldly, too unique. Now is the time to journey back to our bodies and to celebrate our whole selves.



Tara Teng

Tara Teng is a somatic practitioner who helps people overcome shame, heal trauma, and come back into relationship with their bodies. An ardent human rights activist and former Miss Canada, she was presented with a Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of her work to combat human trafficking. She lives on the unceded traditional territories of the Kwantlen and Katzie First Nations, in Vancouver.

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June 2023
5.5x8.5 in
224 pp
June 2023
224 pp
June 2023
224 pp