Waterloo You Never Knew - Dundurn

Waterloo You Never Knew

Life on the Margins

Published June 2019


The history you don’t know is the most fascinating of all.

Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Waterloo, Ontario, could be any small Canadian community. Its familiar histories privilege the “great accomplishments” of those who built the institutions we know today: industry, government, and education. But what of those who were marginalized, weird, and wonderful — real people who lived between the boundaries of mainstream existence?

Waterloo You Never Knew reveals forgotten and little known tales of a community in transition and reflects on those lives lived in infamy and obscurity, by choice or design. Meet the rumrunner, the ex-slaves, and the cholera victims, the grave-digging doctor, the séance-loving politician, and the sorcery-practising healer.

Come inside. See the Waterloo you never knew, revealed.



Joanna Rickert-Hall

Joanna Rickert-Hall is a social historian engaged in the unending search for arcane and overlooked histories. She is the 2015 recipient of the Jean Steckle Award for Excellence in heritage education. Joanna lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

Stephanie Kirkwood Walker

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June 2019
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June 2019
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June 2019
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