Death's Shadow - Dundurn

Death's Shadow

True Tales of Homicide

Published January 2013


Victims and survivors, angels and demons, intersect along winding roads to imperfect justice.

“Bare light bulbs shone against walls painted with graffiti and dried blood, the rooms reeking of a sweet pungent odour like burnt plastic …” So writes award-winning Hamilton Spectator journalist and author Jon Wells in one of four harrowing murder stories in Death’s Shadow.

Wells take readers up close into multiple homicide investigations, the agony of victims and their loved ones, and the chilling dance of death between cold-blooded killers and the hard-boiled investigators hunting them. His research draws upon jailhouse interviews with three of the killers as well as with homicide and forensic detectives, and the stories are augmented by crime-scene photographs and portrait photography of all the players.

Wells writes of victims and survivors, angels and demons, travelling winding roads to imperfect justice in intimate glimpses of horrific crimes.



Jon Wells

Jon Wells has published seven books, five of them true crime. His book Post-Mortemwas nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award. Born in Montreal and raised in London, Ontario, Wells writes for the Hamilton Spectator where his stories have received numerous honours, including 15 Ontario Newspaper Awards and two National Newspaper Awards.

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January 2013
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January 2013
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January 2013
256 pp