Haunted Too - Dundurn

Haunted Too

Incredible True Stories of Ghostly Encounters

Published August 2012


After sharing her own story in Haunted, Dorah L. Williams compiles first-hand accounts of the spiritual encounters of others.

Upon writing Haunted: The Incredible True Story of a Canadian Family’s Experience Living in a Haunted House, Dorah thought her situation was unique. What she didn’t realize was how many others would relate to how it feels to be haunted, too. After being flooded by emails from people with similar experiences, Dorah began to realize this wasn’t uncommon at all. It seemed these paranormal happenings were universal — in all areas, within all age groups, and among all walks of life.

So, Haunted Too came to be. Not only will it entertain the reader, as good ghost stories always have, but it will also help the reader to better understand this phenomenon, with the inclusion of shared experiences, opinions, and advice of professionals in this field. Whether fear-provoking or poignant, these collective supernatural encounters are directly quoted in their own words by those who have experienced them first-hand, and are enlightening as well as entertaining.


Dorah L. Williams

Dorah L. Williams is the author of Haunted, which is based on her own personal account. She lives in a small Canadian town.

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August 2012
6x9 in
208 pp
August 2012
208 pp
August 2012
208 pp