Yuit - Dundurn


Published September 1993

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In her second book on life in the Arctic, West Coast author Yvette Edmonds deals with Inuit culture during mid 20th century, at a time when many Inuit were turning from traditional life and adopting modern European ways. Liak is a courageous ten-year-old Inuit girl who talks her grandfather into letting her adopt an orphaned albino seal pup she names Yuit. But the shaman banishes Liak and her pup from the community for offending the Sea Goddess Nuliajuk. Liak’s adventures lead her eventually to the new life she has dreamed about and a chance to attend school.


Yvette Edmonds

Yvette Edmonds studied Inuit culture for many years and is determined to help preserve that heritage she so greatly admires. In 1997, upon being invited to give talks and readings in Taloyoak, she received a personal letter from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien commending her for her books that have helped promote a greater understanding of the Arctic. Yvette studied Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia, and has traveled extensively.

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September 1993
5.125x7.5 in
128 pp