Mediating Interpersonal and Small Group Conflict - Dundurn

Mediating Interpersonal and Small Group Conflict

Published September 2002


This is a guide to the theory and practice of mediation. It sets out a systematic approach to the use of mediation and to assuming the role of mediator. This book will be one of value to individuals interested in becoming mediators, to parties in conflict considering recourse to mediation to resolve issues, to students studying mediation as a dispute resolution alternative, to professionals who use mediation techniques in their day-to-day work, and to practising mediators who wish to expand and update their skills.


Cheryl A. Picard

Dr. Cheryl A. Picard is an educator, mediator, trainer, and consultant specializing in the areas of conflict management and mediation. Working with public and private sector groups, she has mediated many one-on-one, small, and large group conflicts. Dr. Picard teaches at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in the Department of Law.

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September 2002
6x9 in
161 pp
September 2002
161 pp