Sorry Daddy - Dundurn

Sorry Daddy

A Father's Guide to Toddlers

Illustrated byDavid Shaw
Published February 1984

$ 9.95


Sorry Daddy continues on from where the bestselling Daddy Dearest left off. The author, Marvin Ross, who reviewers have described as the "Dr. Spock of the 1980’s" and as "reading like Erma Bombeck," explains that parenting does not become any easier as infants grow up — the problems just become different.

This informative and witty volume deals with such topics as nutrition, hospitals and medical emergencies, choosing a nursery school and day care, and how to amuse the toddler. Both fathers and mothers are provided with important advice on how to raise a non-sexist child.

The book contains many amusing cartoon drawings by the noted Canadian illustrator, David Shaw.


Marvin Ross

Marvin Ross, besides being an expert in planning and research with a Masters degree from the University of Toronto and the author of several technical publications, is a popular writer of humorous books with three bestsellers to his credit. He lives in Toronto.

David Shaw

David Shaw was born in London, England in 1947. He arrived in Canada in 1954 and eventually graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1969. He has designed over 600 books, including The Canadian Encyclopedia (1985) and his illustrations have appeared in various books, textbooks, and magazines. He lives in Toronto.

Book Details

February 1984
8x8 in
112 pp