Reinventing Yourself for a Better You - Dundurn
Dec 21, 2023

Reinventing Yourself for a Better You

Why do I constantly reinvent my career, my passions, and my goals? For many reasons. I need to wake up motivated. I want to go to bed excited, and I want to be able to bless those around me. Much of my life has been about putting the needs of others before my own and was very chaotic, so I’m determined to create a future that is comfortable, stable, and calm.

I was uncertain for a long time about what my purpose and future should look like after I competed in the Olympics and moved on to circus life for a while. I wasn’t looking in the mirror enough asking myself what I wanted to do, who do I want to be, or any type of internal self-discovery. I was always scared of what people would think of me if I pursued my dreams. I took a chance, and I ended up starring in a movie, wrote a script, and put all of that and other things no one knew about me in my memoir, 9 Lives by 35. After achieving all that, I find myself creating my future, putting my needs first (which in turn puts my family’s needs first) and I take risks. I’m no longer afraid of the word no. I’m no longer afraid of what people think of me.

I’m not perfect by any means and I’m ok with that. We are all a work in progress. I’ve found happiness in finding my creativity again and setting goals that might seem crazy or unattainable, but all that matters is that I know they are possible. I’m a true believer that hard work pays off. If you don’t trust, push, or believe in yourself, no one will. From my early days being an underdog in sports and in the corporate world, I’m proud to say that I’ve become a fearless leader and enjoy learning about who I really am with every day that passes. This is truly what I wanted to achieve.

Our past failures or accomplishments don’t define us. Our future is what matters, and it’s important to have many goals in life and not become stagnant. I guess it’s called the art of reinventing yourself … give it a try! I promise you won’t regret it. I’m still reinventing... stay tuned for what’s next!

Mary Sanders is an Olympian and earned the title of most successful rhythmic gymnast in the western hemisphere. Her other lives include Cirque du Soleil acrobat, creative director, entertainment executive, TV and film producer, actress, wife, and mother. Mary lives in Newmarket, Ontario. Learn more here.