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Nov 10, 2023

An Update From Dundurn Press

TORONTO - Dundurn Press announces President and Publisher Kwame Scott Fraser will move to a new role within the company, focusing on book acquisitions starting February 1st, 2024. 

Kwame is excited about this new opportunity. From a new home base in Jamaica he will focus on what he loves most about publishing: discovering new authors and titles to share with readers. Meanwhile, Dundurn Press will begin an exciting new chapter in its fifty-three-year history as a new Publisher will be hired. 

“I’m relieved we’re not losing Kwame entirely and he’ll be our new Editor-at-Large,” said Jason Martin, Chair of Dundurn’s Board of Directors. “Kwame’s impact on Dundurn has been immense. He built a leadership team that continues to thrive. I’d love the next publisher to add to the bold, innovative direction Kwame set for us. With our non-fiction, we’ll continue to challenge the Canadian conversation. And we must keep fostering Canadian dreams through our great fiction!”

Over his five years as President and Publisher of Dundurn Press, Kwame brought one of Canada’s most storied independent publishing houses into a bold new era. Dundurn’s mission is to publish contemporary fiction and non-fiction that is courageous, forward-thinking and reflects the diversity and complexity of Canadian society.

The leadership team, Kathryn Lane (Associate Publisher), Chris Houston (COO), Graham Matthews (CFO) and Meghan Macdonald (Publishing Operations) are committed to Dundurn Press’s success and will continue to build on the momentum established by Kwame. 

The Board of Directors and the leadership team welcome expressions of interest with CV and references. March 2024 is the beginning of Dundurn’s new fiscal year. Please direct communications to Chris Houston, COO, at

About Dundurn Press

Dundurn Press publishes contemporary trade fiction and non-fiction, bringing Canadian stories to the world. We work with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous writers, as well as emerging and established authors, to reflect the diversity and complexity of Canadian society, reflect the world, satisfy curiosity, enlighten, and entertain. Dundurn Press’s literary fiction imprint, Rare Machines, publishes works that are playful, unusual, daring, and innovative and welcomes hybrid forms and emerging writers.