Four Nominations for the 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards - Dundurn
Aug 16, 2021

Four Nominations for the 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards

Dundurn Press is thrilled to announce that Michael Snow by James King, The Flyer Vault by Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman, Toronto Reborn by Ken Greenberg, and Outrageous Misfits by Brian Bradley have been selected as official nominees for the Book category for the 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards. Congratulations, everyone!

Michael Snow: Lives and Works is a personal and intimate portrait of an artist who has helped shaped the face of Canadian art in our time, and provides a guide to understanding its subtleties and complexities.

Praised by Spill Magazine as “a fascinating and informative journey into Toronto’s ongoing cultural as a hub for music of all sorts”, The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History captures over 150 years of Toronto concert history through a visually stunning collection of flyers, posters, and advertisements.

Praised by Shawn Micallef, author of Frontier City: Toronto on the Verge of Greatness, as a book that “reveals a complex Torontoism that offers lessons to other cities and a path forward for Torontonians themselves”, Toronto Reborn: Design Successes and Challenges covers a decisive period in the city’s evolution, capturing how Toronto truly becomes a new version of itself.

Through nearly one hundred interviews and extensive research, Outrageous Misfits reveals the life and legacy of Craig Russell, one of the world's most popular female impersonators, his biggest fan, and the birth of drag on the international stage. Praised by Katie Daubs, author of The Missing Millionaire, as “a fascinating slice of Toronto history, brought to life with incredible warmth and skill”, Outrageous Misfits also takes us behind the curtains of Craig and Lori's lives, which were troubled by their mental health, drug addiction, sexual assault, and abuse.

The Heritage Toronto Awards celebrates individuals, organizations, and the projects they create in order to champion the importance of heritage to city building. The winner of the 2021 Book Award will be announced live at this year’s virtual ceremony on Monday, October 18, 2021. Learn more about the Heritage Toronto Awards here.

James King is the author of six novels and twelve biographies, including books on David Milne, Margaret Laurence, Jack McClelland, and Lawren Harris. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, James lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Read more here.

Daniel Tate worked in the concert industry for several years before starting The Flyer Vault project in 2015. His efforts to chronicle Toronto’s live music history have been featured in the Globe and Mail, NOW, Vice, and on blogTO. He resides in Toronto. Read more here.

Rob Bowman is a Grammy-winner and a professor of music at York University who has been writing about music for more than forty years. His book Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2013. He lives in Toronto. Read more here.

Ken Greenberg is an urban designer, teacher, and writer, whose passion and advocacy for the city over the past decades has involved him in virtually every aspect of its remarkable transformation. He lives in Toronto. Read more here.

Brian Bradley is a writer, journalist, and biographer and works at the Toronto Star. He has researched the lives of Craig Russell and Lori Russell Eadie for over a decade. Brian lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Read more here.