How Do You Know If Your House is Haunted? - Dundurn
Sep 18, 2014

How Do You Know If Your House is Haunted?

by Richard Palmisano, author of Meeting Place of the Dead
Indicators that your home may be haunted:
  • Things being moved or missing
  • Sounds of walking, knocking, banging, whistles, snapping, glass breaking, furniture being moved. (Rarely any evidence)
  • Doors and or windows opening or closing
  • Lights or appliances turning on or off
  • Black shadows that are seen quickly with your peripheral vision
  • Mists, smoke, orbs or apparitions
  • Whispers or voices, unexplained music
  • Unexplained cold or hot spots
  • Unexplained items appearing
  • Scents of things you don’t normally have in your home, smoke, perfume, something rotten, sulfur, fruits or flowers.
  • Puddles of water without explanation
  • Pets that show behavior changes, growl or bark and stare at what seems to be nothing. Being fearful, over protective, hiding.
  • Children may talk to unseen people, begin spending time away in rooms they normally don’t spend time in. Behavior or sleep pattern changes.
Some indicators of a diabolical haunting:
  • Bites, scratches, bruises
  • Small fires started ie, candles being lit, in an area unexpected
  • Physical damage to property
  • Mimic voices you know
  • Appear as someone you know
  • Severe behavior changes in loved ones causing arguments or threats of violence 
Understanding all the various dynamics of a haunting – call for help

When a family unit begins to experience strange occurrences in their residence various family members may in the onset keep those occurrences quiet for fear of sounding crazy. Several members may be experiencing happenings yet there maybe no communications until 1. It becomes out of control and or extremely frightening or 2. Two members experience something together which opens up a dialog.

In about 85% of hauntings in a residence the female is first to notice these strange events, this can cause stress and extreme frustration within the family unit as the male may not completely believe what the female is saying having not had an experience himself. This in some cases may be the ploy…divide and conquer.

In 100% of all cases where pets are involved in the home, the pet will be fully aware of the presence within the residence and may display changes in its behavior such as; looking at seemingly empty spaces, watching something you can’t see, growling, barking for no apparent reason nervousness and changes in eating habits.

Where a presence may be malevolent the pet will become the first target, then the female in most cases.

Children can be a target however the dynamics can be more diabolical where as they may be befriended and appear to have an imaginary friend.

In most hauntings there is very little fear of injury; rather the haunters will normally have some sort of message or story to communicate. Other than fear and disruption most of these situations can be resolved.

However in diabolical hauntings nothing will seem to be as it may appear. For example a child apparition may not be a child at all but something darker. Events of seeing things appearing exactly as someone you know or sounding like another family member indicates a more sinister situation. In these situations where pets are in the residence there is a 75% chance that the pet will not survive the first 6 months of this type of haunting.

The investigator must try to distinguish the difference between a haunting where for example a spirit feels; “hey this is my house if I scare you will you leave” and the destruction of the family unit.

Some of the weapons used in a diabolical haunting are:
  • They will quietly observe and gain intelligence for a period of time.
  • They will terrorize your pets
  • They will drive a wedge between the husband and wife by terrorizing one person and ensuring the other never has an experience, this will cause heightened fear as the one person starts to feel singled out and alone. They may even start to question their own sanity. The other person will start to experience poor sleep patterns and possible health issues. Combined there will be major stress between the couple and arguing will ensue.
  • They will show you that they can manipulate your child and pull them in specific directions or have them do things that makes you feel they are in jeopardy.
  • If you love your house they will turn it into a nightmare for you.

The first thing you need to know is that none of these things indicate that your home is haunted, most can occur under absolutely normal circumstances. Multiple occurrences might lend more support that a paranormal situation is taking place however one must be careful that fear does not furl imagination and turn every observation into something supernatural. Be a bit of an investigator, keep a journal of observations. Call in a professional investigative team to help you. The investigator must unify the family unit and show them that they must stand together and support one another.

Although depending on the resources of the investigative team to attempt to resolve these hauntings there will always remain the possibility that the only option for the family is to leave the house. Every possible option must be tried prior to making the decision to leave, this option can not be taken lightly as in most cases will result in financial ruin of the family unit.