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Birthing Short Stories

Posted on January 22 by Russell Wangersky

Almost every short story I write starts the same way: I hear a snatch of a sentence, see a small situation unfold, and wonder what would happen next. A man in his twenties brings his new girlfriend to a bar, and runs into his old girlfriend in a space packed so tight, they have no choice but to be shoulder to shoulder.

I get to overhear this small snippet at the beginning: “Hey. Have you met Lauren? This is Lauren.” “Hi, I’m Lauren.”

Award News: 2013 Thomas Head Raddall Award thumbnail

Dundurn Press would like to congratulate Russell Wangersky, who was just awarded the Thomas Head Randall Prize for Atlantic Canadian Fiction for his most recent collection of short stories, Whirl Away. Wangersky is the first writer to win the award for short fiction in the last fifteen years.