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An Internship to Remember

Posted on August 30 by Kyle

I knew this was coming, and I’ve dreaded having to write this post, knowing that it will truly mark the end of my marketing internship here at Dundurn. Throughout my time here, I have gained a unique and insightful outlook of the marketing side of the publishing industry, and I cannot be happier. I’ve been a part of so many different projects, from helping to organize the Deer Life blog tour to mailing out sales promotions.

Memoir of a Marketing Intern

Posted on April 24 by calyssa in News

Wow, no one told me April was almost over. That means my internship is drawing to a close, and it’s time for me to write this farewell to you, reader. Over the last four months I’ve been working behind the scenes: putting events on the website, writing press releases, and sending out newsletters, just to name a few.