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It’s funny how one or two statements uttered in a casual conversation can lead to the genesis of an entire book project. I suppose that’s both the curse and joy of those who continually court the writing muse. Everything is fruit for a story or writing project. In fact, I find that there are days where I might often toss out as many as a half dozen ideas.

“Where do you get your ideas?” is a question I am often asked.

I’ve always found it challenging to answer that, because, for me, the answer is simple.


My afteroon at Word on the Street Toronto thumbnail

My afteroon at Word on the Street Toronto

Posted on September 30 by admin

It was a lot of fun to work at the Dundurn booth for Word on the Street this year. I wish I had had more time to wander around Queen's Park it was such a beautiful day, but I did appreciate being in the breezy shade of the tent. This year we had two authors every half hour sit down to sign books and meet readers, everybody from children's author Philippa Dowding to ghost research enthusiast Mark Leslie.

Each of the places I have called home in Ontario are near and dear to my heart, filled with fond memories, and happen to be haunted -- not just with my vivid memories of them, but with spirits, ghosts and other unexplainable phenomenon.

It was during a ghost walk in Ottawa that I realized history could indeed come alive with ghostly tales. From the haunted downtown hostel on Nicholas Street that used to be the Carleton County jail to the Museum of Nature whose ghosts have a direct effect on the high turnover of security guards, Ottawa has its fair share of both ghosts and history.

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Ottawa Jail Hostel

Posted on November 1 by Terry Boyle And Mark Leslie

Today's blog post is from Laura, our Assistant Editor here at Dundurn.


Here at Dundurn we nurture a healthy interest in Canadian history and the paranormal (an eclectic mix, to be sure!) For those of you fortunate enough to live in Canada, many of the settings featured in books published by Dundurn authors can be visited and explored. I had just such an opportunity during a recent trip to our nation’s capital, when I attended an event at the Ottawa Jail Hostel.

Dundurn Press is pleased to announce that two of its titles, Haunted Hamilton by Mark Leslie and Empty Cradle by Diana Walsh, have been nominated for the Hamilton Arts Council Literary Award for Non-fiction. They are joined in the non-fiction category by one other finalist: Hamilton Illustrated by David Collier.