We Remember Battle Stories

Posted on November 3 by Kyle

In honour of Remembrance Day, we’re reading up on the men and women who have served in some of the most iconic battles that echo through world history to the present day.

The Battle Stories series was written by renowned experts and complete with quotes, photographs and detailed maps, each Battle Story offers readers clear insight into the unfolding action. 

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I was invited to attend the British Home Child Reunion on July 22, 2018, in Kitchener, Ontario to launch my new book, Marjorie Her War Years: A British Home Child in Canada. The event was organized by Lori Oschefski of the British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association. It was held at the Waterloo Region Museum.


Reunion: the act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole.


Polyamorous – Book Tour: Vancouver Q&A and signing

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Author Jenny Yuen will do a Q&A with Star Metro reporter, Tessa Vikander, who covers identity and inequity issues, followed by a signing and meet-and-greet. Copies of Polyamorous will be available for sale from Pulp Fiction Books.

A look at how people are giving themselves a choice to love another way.

“The heart is not like a box that gets filled up, but expands in size the more you love.”

Enlightened words you wouldn’t expect to hear from the computer in the movie Her, but it also rings true for humans. More people than ever are exploring the possibility of opening up their relationships — and not only that, they are fighting for their legal rights to love however and whomever they choose.


Collingwood Public Library presents Debra Komar

Collingwood Public Library presents Debra Komar, presenting her new non-fiction book, The Court of Better Fiction

Steve Paikin Appearance

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Steve will speak about his experiences writing Bill Davis' biography.

Indigo Yorkdale Presents Sylvia Mcnicoll

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Bring your young reader or budding writer to meet Canadian children's author Sylvia McNicoll. With over 35 books to her name, Sylvia is as friendly as she is prolific. She will chat and autograph bookmarks as well as her latest novels. Body Swap is a fun intergenerational read, great for all, especially grandmother/mother/daughters. The Great Mistake Mysteries: The Best Mistake Mystery, The Artsy Mistake Mystery, and The Artsy Mistake Mystery will provide your 8-12 year old with chuckles and deductive reasoning challenges as well as great dog antics!


Steve Paikin Appearance

Steve will speak about his experience writing Bill Davis bio and John Robarts bio.