You’re Not an Ageist Are You?

You’re Not an Ageist Are You?

Posted on August 9 by admin
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Kids aren’t dumb just because they’re not adults.

I know Chris A. Rutowski agrees with me because he wrote, I Saw It Too! Real UFO Sightings. Unfortunately, young people are less likely to have their UFO sightings believed and have their account recorded just because they’re young people.

I say, “no fair!”

If you still think in stereotypes after watching how silly grown up David Letterman looks with this little girl’s science project on his head you don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

David Letterman – Kid Scientists

Plus, that’s the kind of thinking that would suggest you were an ageist and that’s not very nice. I Saw It Too is sweet justice in account after account of childrens’ UFO sightings from all over the world that will make you think twice about second guessing kids.

Chris A. Rutkowski is a science writer who has devoted much time to investigating and studying reports of UFOs, writing about case investigations, and offering his insights into the broad UFO phenomenon. Two of his previous books published by Dundurn, Abductions and Aliens and The Canadian UFO Report, were national bestsellers. He lives just outside Winnipeg.