Vote on your favourite book cover!

Vote on your favourite book cover!

Posted on February 26 by admin
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This week’s cover contest features four books on Military History. The winner will be this week’s Twitter Giveaway prize. You can find out more about each book below. But first, pick your favourite cover!


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Raymond Collishaw and the Black Flight by Roger Gunn: As the third-highest-scoring flying ace among British and colonial pilots in the First World War, scoring 60 victories, Raymond Collishaw was only surpassed by Billy Bishop and Edward Mannock. This book traces his life from humble beginnings in Nanaimo, British Columbia, to victories in the skies over France.

Fighting Words by Mark Bourrie: Fighting Words is a history of war reporting in Canada over 1,000 years, including Viking battles, the destruction of the Huron nation, and a surgeon’s account of the Battle of Lake Erie. Military buffs and fans of Canadian history will be thrilled by these eyewitness accounts by journalists and non-fiction writers.

The Accidental Captives by Carolyn Gossage: In April 1941, a passenger ship sailing from New York to Cape Town was attacked and sunk by a German raider. The passengers were pulled from the water and transported to Nazi-occupied France, where the majority were released. Among those left behind were seven Canadian women. This is the tale of the year they spent together in Germany.

The Pendulum of War by Richard Feltoe: The second of six books in the series Upper Canada Preserved - War of 1812 tells of the events of 1813, such as the U.S. attack on York (today’s Toronto), the Battles of Stoney Creek, Fort George, and Beaver Dams, and inter-tribal conflicts among the Natives, and showcases anew the exploits of Laura Secord, James FitzGibbon, and others.