Vote on your favourite book cover!

Vote on your favourite book cover!

Posted on February 19 by admin
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The Secret of the Blue Trunk by Lise Dion: In 1940 Armande Martel, a young nun from Quebec, is arrested by the Germans at her religious order in Brittany. She is sent as a POW to Buchenwald where she barely survives. After the war, she leaves religious life, marries, and adopts Lise Dion. When her mother dies, Lise discovers a key and the secret to her mother’s blue trunk.

Halbman Steals Home by Glen Rotchin: Mort Halbman is the prime suspect in an arson investigation when his family home burns down. Juggling complicated family matters, he feels compelled to continually return to the ruin of his former home, and to the memories the place still holds for him. This is the story of Mort’s daring attempt to risk everything for a last shot at redemption.

The Blue Guitar by Ann Ireland: Nerves crunch at the international classical guitar competition in Montreal where musicians fly in from all over the world to compete in a gruelling week. A career can be made or lost, and the slightest mishap – a lapse of memory, a shaking right hand – can ruin years of preparation. There is more than pretty music being performed on this stage.

A Green place for Dying by R.J. Harlick: Meg returns to her home to find that a friend’s daughter has been missing from the Migiskan Reserve for more than two months. Meg vows to help find her and in the process discovers she isn’t the only Native woman who has gone missing. Fearing the worst, Meg finds herself confronting an underside of life she would rather not know existed.