The Pentadimensional Paranormal

The Pentadimensional Paranormal

Posted on September 19 by Lionel And Patricia Fanthorpe
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When honest and reliable witnesses report their experiences of paranormal phenomena, there would seem to be five possible explanations – as far as we can ascertain after more than 50 years of investigating.

The first type of phenomena can best be described as Shakespearean or Dickensian ghosts – the surviving souls or spirits of what were once human beings. Hamlet’s father and Scrooge’s partner Marley are prime examples.  These are purposeful ghostly entities with messages for the living.

Type two may well be natural recordings in the fabric of an old building, or in the rocks below it.  Thought, especially emotional thought, is a form of energy – just like electricity, heat, or sound.  When we deliberately record things on videos or DVDs electro-magnetic patterns are formed.  Can this happen naturally in crystals in the rock?  Then along comes a witness who is sensitive to those recordings, and he, or she, experiences a playback of a past event.  Reports of phantom armies may fall into this category.

The third type may be due to what the most advanced contemporary physicists and cosmologists describe as parallel universes.  Our universe may not only be infinite – there may well be an infinite number of universes.  When two such parallel universes brush against each other, psychic phenomena may be reported.  Doppelgangers could be the result of such juxtapositions.

Type four may be the result of a glitch in time.  People living in the past may find that a time-quake has thrown them into a strange teleological proximity with our present.

The fifth and final type may be the result of the vast unknown powers within the human mind.  Telekinesis may be part of such hidden mental powers.  That would account for reports of poltergeist activity.