Lives of Magic: The start of a new classic fantasy trilogy

Lives of Magic: The start of a new classic fantasy trilogy

Posted on January 27 by Lucy Leiderman
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Today Allister Thompson guests blogs for us about what it was like to edit Lives of Magic by Lucy Leiderman. The first book in the Seven Wanderers Trilogy.


When I was a kid my mother had me reading all kinds of fantasy, which was all the rage in the post-hippie seventies/early eighties. I must have read the five books of Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series a million times, as well as the Wales-based fantasies of Lloyd Alexander.

So Celtic-themed kid’s and YA books are right up my alley. This is no doubt why I responded so enthusiastically when Lucy Leiderman approached me with what became Lives of Magic, the start of a new trilogy. While her books are aimed at an older readership than those hoary children’s classics, I quickly identified that Leiderman, who has a background in Celtic Studies, had a refreshing new take on the whole thing.

Her trick is to weave myth and legend, presented in a refreshing new way, with a very contemporary setting and a very modern character in Gwen. The tension between her normal life and the revelations about her past as an ancient Celtic warrior/magician are the underlying hook of the book. Leiderman presents a heroine that readers can identify with, but who is much, much more than she seems. And can’t we all be more than the mundane people we seem, if we investigate our own strengths and capabilities?

Leiderman fleshes out the story with a cast of compelling companions, including two handsome young men and an even more attractive and mysterious visitor from the past, Kian, who educates his protégés in rediscovering their lost memories. And some very nasty and irredeemable villains to root against in the three evil magicians who have come to our present day to assert their domination on an unsuspecting world.

There’s even an environmentalist subtext, as giant waves hit Manhattan and freak storms rage offshore — not too far off from what we are actually experiencing.

To cap it all off, Leiderman’s writing is very self-assured, measured and skilled beyond the years of a young novelist. I am pleased to have been able to play a part in bringing the work of a major young talent into the world.

Lucy Leiderman

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Lucy Leiderman

Lucy Leiderman was born on a naval base in Kaliningrad, Russia, and raised in Toronto. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto and a Master's degree from Uppsala Universitet. This is her third book in the Seven Wanderers Trilogy. She currently resides in Toronto.