Interview with Dorah L. Williams

Interview with Dorah L. Williams

Posted on March 21 by admin
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Today’s blog post is an interview with Dorah L. Williams, author of Haunted and Haunted Too. In Haunted Too, supernatural experiences are shared, along with the stories, opinions, and advice of paranormal experts.

Were  you surprised that so many people had their own stories to tell?

Yes; I really was surprised by that, and continue to be.  Some people have no problem with the fact they are living in a haunted home.  They want to share their experiences but don’t feel threatened or scared by this phenomenon.  Usually, in these cases, they feel  it is the spirit of a loved one watching over them, or a benevolent presence connected to the property, which means them no harm.

But, others, and perhaps the majority, describe their encounters as being unnerving, and sometimes even completely terrifying.  I can understand and relate to both of these reactions, and the full spectrum in between.

I recently received an email from the owners of one of the ten most haunted houses in America and he and his wife shared their amazing, and frightening, experiences since purchasing this New England property.  This gentleman’s words clearly sum up the reaction many others have expressed when describing their haunting:

“I remember shaking & having so many emotions at the time from fear, rage, hate, sadness, depression and anxiety…It was like having a burglar break into your house (someone is in your space), that violated feeling and you don’t get over it.”

The impression that your home is being violated, by a haunting, is very real for a lot of people. But perhaps a spirit can regard those living in the house in the same way, and therefore their space feels invaded, too. Maybe it is the reaction to that discomfort, on both sides, that causes paranormal activity to begin and perpetuate.  That seemed a possible explanation to my own family’s haunting, and is often expressed in the emails I receive from readers.

What’s your favourite thing about living in a haunted house?

I really like that kind of energy level, as long as it is positive.  Without it a house has almost a vacuum-like atmosphere, to me.  But, having said that, there is a very big difference in comfort level, of course, between a house with a loving spiritual energy, and one with a creepy or menacing one.  Like everyone, I only want to feel  safe and comfortable in my own home. Otherwise, it truly can feel very violating, as the New England homeowner described.