Interview with Bern Will Brown, author of End-of-Earth People

Interview with Bern Will Brown, author of End-of-Earth People thumbnail

Interview with Bern Will Brown, author of End-of-Earth People

Posted on April 28 by Bern Will Brown
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Today on the blog Bern Will Brown, wrote in some answers for us about his new book End-of-Earth People, and his amazing life living in Canada's far North.

Caitlyn: How did you come up with the idea for this work?

Bern Will Brown: I began writing this book in 1950 when I was living at Fort Franklin, N.W.T. ( Deline ) on Great Bear Lake building a mission for the Hareskin Indians who lived there.  It took me sixty years to complete this book. I was here at Colville Lake, 160 miles north of Fort Franklin, in 1962 (and where I've lived since) when I resumed writing this manuscript.

Caitlyn: Tell us about your book.

Bern Will Brown: The Hareskin Indians are divided into five districts, the group at Colville Lake is known as the NNELAGOTTINE  or
the END OF THE EARTH PEOPLE, because they occupy the most northern area of the Hareskins. bordering on the Eskimos. My goal was to describe the natives with whom  I was living  at this point in history. I learned the Hareskin Language at Fort Norman (TULITA) in 1948-49 and the chapter on the language was the most difficult to write.

Caitlyn: What was your first publication?

Bern Will Brown: My first published book was THE AKLAVIK JOURNAL, 1996,  a reprint of my monthly Aklavik newspaper - 1955-57,
followed by ARCTIC  JOURNAL, my biography,  FREE  SPIRITS - short biographies of outstanding northerners, A TIME IN THE ARCTIC -  100 of my best northern photographs.

Caitlyn: Who did you read as a young adult?

Bern Will Brown: As a youth I read all the Arctic books in the Rochester public Library.  I still read nothing but non-fiction books of the North.


Bern Will Brown

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Bern Will Brown

Bern Will Brown went to the Canadian Arctic in 1948 as an Oblate priest and travelled extensively by dogteam throughout the region. In the early 1960s, he helped found the Hareskin community of Colville Lake, north of the Arctic Circle. Bern Will Brown passed away on July 4, 2014.