Herbert Prichard Thomas

Herbert Prichard Thomas

Posted on December 12 by Gerald A. Archambeau
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INFO on Son No. 4,  Herbert Prichard Thomas.

My step-uncle; from my grandfather s first marriage, who was the only one of my five step-uncles to survive WW-1 & WW-2.

Research Notes; by UK Military Genealogist Alan Greveson for, author and grandson Gerald A. Archambeau of Jamaican Police Inspector of Police- Herbert Theodore Thomas 1856 to 1930, from his second marriage to Leonora Thomas in Jamaica.

Herbert Prichard Thomas was born on 22nd Dec, 1892 in Jamaica B.W.I. in 1911, he went to the UK at age 18, and entered the Royal Military College Sandhurst, in Surrey England.

He then received a King's Commission on Aug 24th 1912. He waited and was accepted for the British Indian-Territorial Army in 1914 as an Officer & a Gentleman in the 126th Baluchistan infantry. He also survived WW-1 as a Captain, and was able to return from India for his Jewish Jamaican mother s funeral Gertrude Thomas in 1921, as she had returned to the UK in 1900.

Herbert P. Thomas became a Lieutenant Colonel and was later awarded an OBE & five medals for his service in WW1 & WW-2 in the fall of Singapore, where he did escape with his men back to India.

Herbert P. Thomas was a survivor, and was married to Mary Ray; on 7th of Oct 1925 in Aberdeen,  Scotland. Where he wrote his final report on the fall of Singapore by the Japanese Army. He died in Aberdeen Scotland; on Jul 3rd 1969, at age 76 years old, and was cremated-No.28089, on 5th Jul 1969 at Aberdeen Kaimhill Crematorium. His remains were uplifted from the Crematorium, but his family, who left no record where his remains are today. However it is sad to say that as Herbert P. Thomas was my step-uncle with a honourable record of service to the UK and his country of birth Jamaica, I would have been so proud to have met him in person because it was possible, as I was 36 years old in 1969. That is why my dear mother Phyllis A. Thomas the daughter of Inspector Herbert T. Thomas, insisted that I write my autobiography and tell the whole family story.

I may have never written if it was not for the encouragement from my loving Jamaican mother and English wife Marion, who were both nursers. Being a new author I was fortunate to have caught the eye of publisher Dr. J. Patrick Boyer, Q. C. who was affiliated  with one of Canada' large publishers  Dundurn Press.  My Book:  A Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The True story of a Jamaican-born Canadian 2008, is doing well around the world, and I am thankful to all who helped me make it so.

Gerald A. Archambeau

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Gerald A. Archambeau

Gerald Augustus Archambeau was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was sent to Montreal in 1947. He worked for Canadian Pacific and Canadian National until the 1960s, when declining passenger rail traffic and the ascendence of air travel caused him to switch to a career with a major Canadian airline in Toronto. After his retirement from the airline, Gerald settled in St. Catharines, Ontario.