Guest Blog Post by Rick Antonson

Guest Blog Post by Rick Antonson

Posted on August 18 by admin
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Today’s guest blog post comes from Rick Antonson, author of the new release Route 66 Still Kicks.

“The Pasage” by Justin Cronin is thriller/horror enough to have a cover quote from Stephen King saying “read thirty (pages) and you will find your self taken prisoner…”. I have and I am captivated by the unimaginable twists and the littany of carnage and resulting chaos as the byproduct of a military experiment gone awry. Not a new premise for ugly and scary circumstances of course but it’s seldom been in the hands of a better writer.

While not my normal reading, I picked this book off my wife’s bookshelf here in Northern Queensland, Australia where she works and lives and where we have a new home, though I am based in Vancouver. I say that as we just moved in and yesterday I saw my first wild crocodile in murky waters beside a footpath we were walking to access a nearby beach. (We’d been on the same path in the dark the night before with another couple…) And then last evening over wine our new next door neighbours told stories of a two metre python in their house. So I seemed primed for drama and fear and that led me to spend some time with “The Passage.” It seems safest to keep one’s fears fictional…

Rick Antonson is the president and CEO of Tourism Vancouver, and a former Ambassador for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. He is the co-author of Slulmach’s Gold and author of To Timbuktu for a Haircut. Rick lives in Vancouver.