Willow Awards Nomination for Myles and the Monster Outside

Willow Awards Nomination for Myles and the Monster Outside

Posted on April 1 by Kyle in Awards
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Acclaimed children’s author Philippa Dowding’s Myles and the Monster Outside has been named a finalist in the Saskatchewan Young Readers Choice Awards in the Diamond Willow Category. Myles is the second book in Dowding’s short fiction series Weird Stories Gone Wrong.

Myles and his family have been driving for four days to get to their new house. It’s their final night on the road, and Myles knows that something is following them in the dark — something monstrous. Once the monster arrives, things go very wrong. Myles and his family get lost, their car keeps breaking down, and a strange old man and his dog turn up, again and again. Then things get really weird. Myles is pretty sure it’s all his fault: he’s the only one who can see the monster. He’s the only one who can hear the monster. And hardest of all? He’s the only one who can make it go away.

Philippa Dowding is an award-winning copywriter, poet, and children’s author. Her YA books in the Lost Gargoyle series were shortlisted for the Diamond Willow, Hackmatack, and Silver Birch awards, and The Gargoyle at the Gates was named a White Raven Book 2013 by the International Youth Library in Munich. Philippa lives in Toronto.


The Saskatchewan Young Readers&; Choice Award (SYRCA) has three awards: the Shining Willow Award (kindergarten to grade 3), the Diamond Willow Award (grades 4 to 6), and the Snow Willow Award (grades 7 and up). Ten books written by Canadian authors and published in Canada are nominated at each level.


Saskatchewan students may vote in any category, provided they have read the minimum number of books required. In 2016, over 11,000 children and young adults throughout our province voted for their favourite book. Voting for the 2016 awards will be completed by March 31, 2017 and the winners will be announced on May 4, 2017 at our annual Gala. This year the Gala will be held in Saskatoon, SK at École Forest Grove School.