A Q&A about Food, Sex, and Stacey Gorlicky

A Q&A about Food, Sex, and Stacey Gorlicky

Posted on April 12 by Kyle
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Tell us about your book.

Food, Sex and You explores the relationship with food, sex and body image.  I share my personal experience with food addiction and how that damaging relationship affected intimacy in my own relationship in my own life.  The book outlines my road to recovery and I share practical steps and treatments that readers can apply to their own journey.

I examine both sides of the relationship between people, food, and sex: from overeating and under-eating; being shameful and wary of sex and using sex to fill some kind of void.  Women aren’t the only ones who experience this damaging relationship between food and intimacy. I purposely share stories of men who experience the same, as in society, it is not acceptable for men to discuss these issues because they are supposed to be tough and masculine. This book is relatable to everyone, and I do my best to showcase that.

Food, Sex and You is broken down into 3 sections:

Part One dives into my own personal experiences with food and sex. I dive into my childhood, where my ideas of both subjects were shaped by environment and how that affects me both physically and psychologically.

Part Two looks at the road to recovery, and my journey through various failures and successes as I tested out every approach: from Overeaters Anonymous, prescription drugs, clinics, tantric sex and more.

Part Three is dedicated to “paying it forward” and highlights stories from my clients who share their cautionary tales as both a resource and source of inspiration to readers who identify with their experiences. This section also provides holistic and practical treatments that I use with my clients and that readers can apply on their journey.  

How did you come up with the title?

Considering the book is about food and sex, the title couldn’t have been simpler to create.  Who doesn’t like food and sex?  And anyone who would walk by the book would definitely stop and take a second look at the title.  I once read to choose a title within three to seven words, would strike emotion. Food and sex pretty much hit every emotion and is relatable to everyone.


What inspired you to write your first book?

I felt there was no other book on this topic and it was important to me as someone who has recovered from an addiction to help those who are currently in the same or similar situation.  I also felt the more real, authentic and vulnerable I could be, the more relatable I could be for those who read the book.  This book has been a gift for myself, to share my true self, in full love and acceptance.  My hope is that it will inspire those who feel there is no hope, to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.