Memoir of a Marketing Intern

Memoir of a Marketing Intern

Posted on April 24 by calyssa in News
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Wow, no one told me April was almost over. That means my internship is drawing to a close, and it’s time for me to write this farewell to you, reader. Over the last four months I’ve been working behind the scenes: putting events on the website, writing press releases, and sending out newsletters, just to name a few.

My name is Calyssa, and I was the marketing intern this winter. If you’ve never been a marketing intern, you might be wondering what it’s like. I think the way I’d describe is a bit like being an octopus: you learn to juggle different projects and tasks to an efficiency of having more than two arms, you adapt and thrive in changing environments, and all the while you’re swimming in a sea… of books. It’s pretty great!

Over the last four months, I’ve written copy for social media, become best friends with Hootsuite, and delved into Salesforce. (I am one with the Salesforce now.) I’ve prepared sales promotions, written press releases, and researched media contacts. I’ve met and engaged with our Dundurn authors, and contributed to team meetings. Overall, I’ve asked a lot of questions and received a lot of great answers; the team I’ve worked with at Dundurn has been receptive and encouraging at every step and I’m glad to have been part of a team that values everyone’s voice.

What’s next for me? My passion for literature started me on this path towards publishing, and I know that it will continue to guide me in my next steps. I studied English Literature in university, continued on to a Publishing certificate at Ryerson, and now I’m here at Dundurn. I’ve always had a fondness for Canadian literature, especially since I used to receive confused looks and questions at university about whether all Canadian literature takes place in the prairies. (It doesn’t.)

I was especially excited to work at Dundurn and see how diverse CanLit is: from the serious and thought-provoking to the hilarious and witty, spanning what makes us Canadian and human from the east coast to the west and everything in between. As much as I’ve enjoyed learning and developing skills, I have equally enjoyed working to promote these stories and authors.

Although it’s time to say goodbye to my desk at Dundurn, I’m excited for the next step. I can’t wait to continue in publishing, and use all that I’ve learned as I work towards my goal of being a publicist for children’s books.

Thanks, Dundurn!