An Internship to Remember

An Internship to Remember

Posted on August 30 by Kyle
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I knew this was coming, and I’ve dreaded having to write this post, knowing that it will truly mark the end of my marketing internship here at Dundurn. Throughout my time here, I have gained a unique and insightful outlook of the marketing side of the publishing industry, and I cannot be happier. I’ve been a part of so many different projects, from helping to organize the Deer Life blog tour to mailing out sales promotions.

My favourite part of this whole experience has to be the social media side of things. I loved writing event tweets, trending posts, and making sure you all knew about our most recent Goodreads giveaway (gotta promote those contests!).

I’ve met authors, emailed authors, and tweeted about authors. What more can I ask for, really? Authors like Dave Butler, R.M. Greenaway, and Patrick Boyer definitely made a difference during my time here. (As a reading addict, there’s nothing that beats talking with authors on a daily basis. NOTHING.)

Unless you want to count being surrounded by books all day the ultimate pay-off!

What’s next for me? A career in publishing somewhere, that’s for sure. Everyone at Dundurn have really helped to grow my passion for the trade publishing industry. Whether I end up in digital marketing or being a publicist, I’m ready for anything. I’m ready to take on the world (with a book bag, of course!)

Dundurn was such a great experience, and I’m happy to have called it my workplace home for these past few months.