An Intern’s Quickly Growing Reading List

An Intern’s Quickly Growing Reading List

Posted on December 7 by Kyle
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This likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but people in publishing love books. Being around books all the time makes cutting down on your to-read list really difficult. Since starting at Dundurn in September, I’ve spotted countless books on our shelves and website that have peaked my attention, making my mental reading list roughly twice its regular size.

Here are just a few of Dundurn’s books that I’ve added to that quickly growing list (and for the record, yes, a few of these are definitely being judged by their beautiful covers, at least at first glance):

The Toronto Book of the Dead

A fairly recent release, this book has everything you could ask for, from morbid tales to local history. Instead of turning to Wikipedia with morbid curiosities regarding famous Canadians, this book is all you need! It even features Anne of Green Gables creator, L.M. Montgomery.










Blue Castle & A Tangled Web

Speaking of Montgomery, I was extremely excited to see two of my favourite childhood author’s titles— Blue Castle and A Tangled Web — as a part of Dundurn’s Voyageur Classics. While I’m kind of cheating with this one (I’ve read Blue Castle; it was lovely), you don’t hear a lot about Montgomery’s books outside of her famous series, so why not see what else she has to offer?








Fire in the Stars

While Barbara Fradkin’s sequel to Fire in the Stars was recently released, you can’t really start a mystery series on the second book. The amazing cover caught my eye, but it was the adventurous female sleuth, the Newfoundland landscape and, of course, the murder mystery that really drew me in.









The Oakdale Dinner Club

Female friendships, suburban comedy, adultery, sex, food, and wine: this book is just fun. Seeing a woman take the unconventional route to get back at a cheating husband, as well as all of the food puns in the book’s description —this book is just my cup of tea.










The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden

This is just the book I would have loved at age 12. A twelve year old, with anger issues, who can fly? Honestly, this is just the book I would love at age 22. Adolescence is hard enough, and I love books with a pinch (or more) of fantasy.